Cheese is a sculpture that you can touch, taste, smell and admire. It is a final product that satisfies all of the senses. The challenge today is to make sure the cheese makes it from farm to market to the customer in the best condition possible.  Only a full-service cut to order cheese counter can guarantee the freshest cut.  At The Cheese Iron, we encourage guests to taste the product before you take it home to your table.  As all cheeses age differently,even the most familiar cheeses, if not handled correctly can be a disappointment.

Cheese making and maturing is one half science, one half alchemy and has a lot to do with mother nature.  We like it that way, it’s exciting, fun and keeps us on our toes.

Cheese, like other foods, should change with the seasons.  As we approach mid-summer, we are privy to the great cheeses of the Basque.  The flavors of Normandy are intensified and the myriad chevres of the Loire will soon play on our palates.  Rose wines and crisp summer whites become center stage at home and gatherings.  We love the change of seasons, and enjoying cheese at it’s peak performance.

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